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What is TRAXX!?
  TRAXX! is a group of software modules that can be combined to meet the business needs of most movers and forwarders.
Can we manage surveys with TRAXX!?
  Yes. You assign surveyors, set up reminders, and create shipper letters and a work order.
Can we manage rate quotes with TRAXX!?
  Yes. Rates can be created, printed, and e-mailed.
Can TRAXX! create shipping documents?
  Yes. TRAXX! comes with 15 standard shipping docs that can be modified, or you can add all of your own. Any Word doc can be used with TRAXX!.
Can we bill shipments from TRAXX!?
  Yes. Not only can you bill, you can design your own invoice.
Does TRAXX! handle domestic, as well as international shipments?
  Yes. TRAXX! can be used to manage intl, domestic, and local work such as OA/DA jobs.
Can clients monitor their shipments on the Internet?
  Yes. With the optional Intelli-Web utility, accounts, agents.
Can TRAXX! process perm storage billings?
  Yes. Not only does TRAXX! process billings, but it also manages lot access.
Can TRAXX! manage corporate sales?
  Yes. Both sales and marketing are enhanced.
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Can TRAXX! improve service?
  Yes, in many ways. Most notably with the optional Intelli-Track utility, you reciever "just in time" reminders to check on critical shipment events.
Can TRAXX! improve profitability?
  Yes, again in many ways. TRAXX! permits you to do more work with fewer people, through improved
Can TRAXX! help control expenses?
  Yes, TRAXX! helps control direct shipment costs as well as administrative expensies.
Will TRAXX! work with our existing computers?
  Yes, quite likely. TRAXX! has minimal hardware requirements. It runs on standard Microsoft and Novell servers, and minimally configured PC's.
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Will TRAXX! work with our existing accounting software?
  Yes, if your accounting software permits batch imports of text files to AR and AP.
Will TRAXX! accept our existing general (nominal) ledger and client/vendor codes?
  Yes. We adjust TRAXX! to use your accounts numbering scheme.
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How is TRAXX! installed?
  TRAXX! installation generally requires a visit by us to your site. However, we are now testing remote installation procedures.
How are we trained?
  TRAXX! trainning is best conducted by us at your site. However, we h ave conducted on-line trainning as well.
Who has purchased TRAXX!?
  TRAXX! has been installed at 36 sites worldwide. About half of the sites are in the US.
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  Remote Access
  Can I access TRAXX! when out of the office?
  Yes. With any of the remote access software, you can run TRAXX! from out of the office, state, or country.
  Will TRAXX! work for all of our branches?
  Yes. Microsoft and Citrix offer software that permits all of your branch offices to run TRAXX! from one central server.
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How much does TRAXX! cost?
  TRAXX! costs about as much as a compoany car. And, just as with a car, the ultimate price depends on the model and options.
What are your payment terms?
  TRAXX! purchases are 80% pre-paid with 20% due at installation.
Can I lease TRAXX!?
  Yes, probably. We have leasing arrangements for US purchasers. Outside the US, your bank should be able to offer leases on software.
Can I buy only one module?
  Yes. TRAXX! is comprised of 6 databases and 2 utilities. You can select any combination for your system.
Can I buy fewer licenses and I have employees?
  Yes. Buy only what you need. TRAXX! permits all employees to have access, up to the number of licenses purchased.
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