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  TRAXX! Modules
SALES & MARKETING (to agents, private transferees, and accounts)
This module can be used to track your sales effort with accounts, agents and private transferees. Manage sales meetings, assign sales calls by checking availability of all reps, automated prompting of meetings, create all correspondence with click of an icon, create sales call reports, create branch scripts for telemarketing and counseling, create mass mailings to prospects...
RATE QUOTES (to agents, private transferees, and accounts)
This module can be used to create and track rate quotes at the worksheet level as well as by client. Create rates, copy to re-quote previously created rates when the weight changes, reuse previously created rates when a second agent asks for the same rate, use templates to easily create rates to the most frequently quoted destinations, prepare rate quotes at the click of an icon, manage quoted rates with reports, follow up selected quotes with prompts and filters.
WAREHOUSE (storage lot management, lot pricing, inventory, access control, recurring billing)
This module manages long term storage under your control, whether in your warehouse or someone else's. Track whse ISO ratings, store standard pricing per whse, storage client agreement details, manage unique storage units (whether vault, container, yard space, overstuffed), 5 dimensional storage lot locator, capture inventory details, manage access to goods in store, advise warehouseman of pick ups or deliveries, perform recurring billing...
CONTAINER CONTROL (manage by owner, by box, and by trip)
Control carrier containers used and destroyed with full reporting capabilities.
OPERATIONS (management of surveys, shipments, doc prep, reports, billing, job costing)
This is our flagship product and the base of every sale. Monitor surveys, capture crate/materials info, create branch scripts for pre-move counseling, create forms and docs (including survey confirmations, work orders, shipper notification, short form b/l, AWB, OBL, DA/OA advice, invoices, claims letters) with click of an icon, capture shipment data, perform Move Management with automated prompting, produce reports (including status, unbilled, open accruals, job summary, profits), prepare shipment billing, track job costs, graphical display of data...
i-TRACK (automated just in time survey & shipment reminders, multi group updates)
i-WEB (automatic survey & shipping data viewable at your web site) View the Demo

i-LINK (paperless document management, scanned & linked to shipments)

i-MAIL(links email messages to shipments in TRAXX!)

i-VIEW(business summary dashboard viewer)

i-MINE(data mining tool)

DYNAMIC FILTERING (automated filtering tool)