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TMI Is a software development company specializing in customized off the shelf solutions for movers and international household goods forwarders.

We have been in business since 1990, and affiliated with the international transportation industry since 1972.

Our product is called TRAXX! Moverware.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you will enjoy with TRAXX!.

  • User Friendliness  .....  easier, more enjoyable for your staff
  • Productivity Gains .....  accomplish more with less
  • Immediate Impact ...... begin using TRAXX! within 30 days
  • Customizable .............. modify TRAXX! yourself
  • Great Support ............. support is without peer 
  • Integrated ..................... links to your accounting software
  • Cloud Capable ............. run TRAXX! in the cloud or from your server

Movers and forwarders worldwide have been using TRAXX! Moverware since 1996. TRAXX! has been proven to reduce the cost of operation and to spur sales growth.

TRAXX! is the best software for movers & forwarders.


Look no further, you have found your solution.

TRAXX! Moverware

Dream it…

          Do it …


July 2017 - Major Client Benefits Outlined
Presentation of the most importatnt client benefits of TRAXX!
March 2017 - LACMA Puerto Vallarta
George Sikora & Carlos Trevino discuss TRAXX! benefits at LACMA
October 2016 - IAM New Orleans
George Sikora & Carlos Trevino demo TRAXX! at IAM
March 2015 - LOCAL DISPATCH Added
Plan crews & vehicles for TRAXX! shipments
January 2015 - Key Report Package offered
Reports: Reciprocity, Rate Closing Ratios, & Claims Fault Company
April 2014 - Links TRAXX! to Google Maps
Open a Google map of an address at the click of a TRAXX! button
January 2014 - Paperless Invoice Processing

Paperless processing of vendor invoices - accounting and traffic

May 2013 - i-MAIL link to Microsoft Outlook
Link email messages to TRAXX! records